Epic Safety Systems


Is a resource group for the medical professionals who provide first aid and safety for the entertainment industry. Our specialties are as diverse as the Georgia Film Industry. This web site is designed to clearly describe our services and allow you to feel confident that no matter what your emergency, we have the training, experience, and equipment to keep you and your production staff safe. Epic Safety provides training and equipment.  Epic Safety is a collaboration of IATSE Medics. 

Epic Safety Systems does not employ Set Medics. All Set Medics work directly for Production Companies under their contract.



Epic Safety Systems


  • Firefighters

  • Rescue Technicians

  • EMTs

  • Paramedics

  • RNs


Epic Safety Systems


Medical Equipment, AEDs,


Risk Management, Safety Programs, and other Resources for Production


EMS, Community Projects, and Disaster Relief




Epic Safety Systems


On Day 1 of 1 or Day 100 of 100

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This web site has links to many industry standard forms, local medical resources, and numerous regulatory agencies. This includes a portion of the Epic Safety Program and the many documents developed for filming in Georgia. Feel free to download and use our resources. Our only request is that you do not modify our copyrighted documents.